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Powerful Windows Dedicated Hosting Services from JaguarPC Support Latest Microsoft Technologies

Choosing Windows or Linux as a hosting platform depends on what applications, programming languages, and tools you are going to use to build your next website or web based application. While Linux is probably one of the most popular hosting platforms on the market, many clients including larger businesses, government agencies, web developers, and individual users make use of Microsoft products and technologies like Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, SharePoint services, and many others, which are natively supported by the Windows platform. Therefore, it is only natural that these clients choose Windows hosting in order to achieve seamless integration of all the applications and technologies they use.

No other platform is able to provide the level of unification and integration that is possible to achieve with the Windows platform, making Windows the preferred choice for many companies and individual users. Since Windows is so popular, many web hosting companies have designed Windows hosting solutions specifically for Windows. And among these Windows hosting solutions, dedicated server hosting offers the best options in terms of hardware and software features. Although the most expensive of all, Windows dedicated server hosting provides all the benefits of the dedicated hosting combined with the power of the latest Microsoft technologies like Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5, ASP.NET 4.0, and other powerful tools and features.

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