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The U.S. out ranks the UK, Canada, Australia and others all by a long shot when it comes to the number of operating web hosting companies. 41.2% of websites worldwide are hosted by U.S. web hosting companies with Europe accounting for 31.4% and Asia far behind with only 11.5% of the market share. Hosting your website with an U.S. based web host gives you the advantage of years of experience and high quality server technology to compliment the fact that your site gets served faster to the clients that are closest to you. U.S A. based web hosting markets are continuing to grow because more and more brick and mortar business are moving into the online sector where they can reach more consumers with their products and services. The American web hosting market also offer a more economical choice for those wanting to host their websites.

US based Web Hosting Companies Dominate the web hosting marketAffordable web hosting plans from American based hosts will often include value added features such as SSL certificates, daily backups, cPanel along with 24/7/365 live support options which providers out of the country can't offer due to costs. Hosting your website with a U.S. based hosting company provides benefits that will allow your site to be more successful, affordable and able to reach more visitors more quickly than options outside of the American market. Choose as your hosting provider for affordable and reliable web hosting services.




JaguarPC Welcomes HostingZoom Customers

By Sabrina Feb 17, 2014 3:49 pm

We are excited to officially welcome HostingZoom and ResellerZoom clients into the JaguarPC family. The consolidation will bring the best benefits of each brand to all. We can now make the latest technology, the best hardware and web hosting features from all brands available to each and every one of our web hosting customers.

In the future, your account will be upgraded, free of charge, to the latest web hosting plans that we are offering. Please be assured that your plan will be upgraded free of charge, your hosting plan price will not change! You will also get the new resources and features of the new plans free. Previous existing plans are still available, for the time being, from the HostingZoom brand. Orders for those plans can still be placed through your client dashboard.

At this time nothing is required from your end. Your account will be upgraded as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we implement the upgrades. In the meantime please continue to use your regular login at: to access  your account and billing management area. Please begin to explore the website where you can learn more about our newest web hosting plans, options, add-ons and other products and features of interest.

Welcome to JaguarPC! We know you are going to love it here. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at:


JaguarPC is proud to announce the launch of our new website along with a fresh new client account management and billing portal. The website has a whole JaguarPC Web Hosting Providernew look and a fresh appeal that showcases our new web hosting plans and products.

Please stop by our redesigned site and explore our new plans and products. You can now order Cloud web hosting plans and add SSD (solid-state drive) options on our VPS plans which offer multiple levels of managed support for you to choose from. We have added a domain management area and updated our order forms to make selecting your plan and adding features a breeze.

The new client support portal is a terrific one stop spot for you to find the important links you use to manage and support your web hosting plan and billing needs. Here you will find a massive knowledgebase area along with voice narrated support videos that cover a vast range of topics related to your web hosting questions. The support portal also allows you to find the areas where you can submit and view tickets for customer and technical support as well as place orders and ask pre-sales questions.

If you are a current client please continue to log on at:  We will be moving our current client's account information over to the new system in the coming weeks. While we are unable to provide an exact ETA on these moves our current customers can be assured that this move will not affect any of your plans or products. We will contact you as the transitions are made. We appreciate your patience while everyone is moved onto the new system and we thank you for continuing to use JaguarPC as your web hosting provider.

JaguarPC wants to hear to more from you. Explore our new website and visit our forum to post your feedback. We are delighted to offer you a fresh new look, terrific new products, newly designed web hosting plans and a client billing and hosting plan management system that will make your plan management tasks a snap.


VPS ( virtual private server) solutions, Linux and Windows, from JaguarPC can enhance the services you need for your business. Our VPS hosting plans offer you a dedicated server node where you can house your data and add your own configurations and VPS web hosting plans for business growthenhanced security needs. You won't be encumbered by others users and the standardized configurations that you typically find on a shared hosting plans.

Upgrade for Future Growth
A VPS plan gives you the ability to grow as your traffic and disk space needs increase. When your  business takes off it is easy to upgrade to next level VPS plan; Pro, Business and Enterprise, which can offer you the disk space and bandwidth you will want to accommodate for your successful business endeavors. VPS hosting plans allow you many of the same features you would find on a dedicated server without the cost. Simply, upgrade your VPS plan over moving to a dedicated plan and the savings for your business will be big.

Your own unique dedicated  IP  along with root access and configuration control provides you the options you need to best customize your server. You will have greater  jurisdiction over what you can run on your VPS node. While shared servers often have standard configurations which you can't change, a VPS plan will allow you to run the applications and the configurations that best suit your needs. Choose your own OS (operating system) to create the environment that you operate in most frequently and makes your tasks easier.

Improved Security Options
You will have your own administrative panel along with root access which allows you more control over your security settings and needs. JaguarPC offers  multi-layered protection built right into the system so that you are protected straight out of the gate when you select this level of plan. VPS is a safe and secure choice for business hosting. Use our settings or make adjustments to accommodate your advanced security needs.

Managed Support
While all of our plans are backed  by 24/7/365 support we find that VPS users sometimes need a bit more assistance over shared account users. That is why we offer 2 free hours of admin. time each month for our Managed VPS clients. JaguarPC's stellar support team can assist you when you are in a tight spot and don't know where to turn or if you have a basic question which will help you augment your VPS knowledge we are there for you day and night. You will find a managed VPS allows you to get the assistance you need.

Our VPS web hosting plans offer a flexible solution for growth, security and
customization to meet your own specific needs. Experience a better web hosting option for a growing business when you sign up for one of our valued added VPS plans.




Security for you websites

By Sabrina Jan 28, 2014 12:18 pm

When using the internet you might have noticed that some websites have https at the start of web addresses instead of the usual http.  It is important to be aware of what https is whether you’re using the internet or are hosting a website yourself, as you need to protect yourself and your browsers as much as possible.

What is HTTPS?
The “S” at the end of  https stands for “secure.”  This is why you’ll see https and not http when you log into online banking or are going through the checkout of an ecommerce site.  However, many sites are securing themselves today, including Google, by encrypting their data using https.

It is important to know that https is not a protocol, but a combination of using http alongside SSL/TLS protocols, giving an extra layer of security to your website.

https vs http
If you’re a website owner, which should you be using?  If you are the owner of a blog and people visit your site to read your views on the latest NFL fixtures, for example, then you probably don’t need to be using https.  However, you might decide to use https vs http if you have a sign up section on your blog, be it for emails or access to a members area, and are going to be collecting information from readers.  Even if the information is non-intrusive, such as an email, you will find that more people are willing to sign up and feel more secure if you’re using https.

If you are selling goods or services and taking payment details for anything, then you have to use https to encrypt details and provide the best possible level of security for users.  Modern browsers will warn internet users if they are about to submit details across an unsecured platform, so there’s no point in cutting corners.

The issue of https vs http is one to be aware of so you can ensure you are always giving your website visitors the best experience and security possible.  Even if you aren’t taking payments, you can assure the authenticity of your pages by securing your server and website pages.

Can I Use https Only on Certain Pages?
If you need to secure anything, then your whole website needs to be subject to https. There are potential security flaws that can be exposed if http and https were to be used together, including the destabilization of security on the https pages, which would clearly make using them irrelevant. Add more security for your users and and you will be adding a greater peace of mind for you and your website.


"Cloud" hosting has become a common buzz-phrase for many providers. However, just because a company advertises that they deliver cloud hosting services, doesn't necessarily mean they recognize the important, core components of cloud computing. At JaguarPC, Cloud Hosting Technologywe deliver affordable, monitored, and managed hosting services our customers can depend on. Whether you're looking to increase productivity, or need better hosting for your e-commerce site, we deliver 100% uptime, instant setup, and a 45 day money-back guarantee.

About Cloud Hosting
The "cloud" in cloud computing is derived from the cloud diagram commonly used to showcase the Internet and each function of the system. Clouds are comprised of networks, storage, hardware, and interfaces. Services, such as infrastructure, software, and platforms are delivered over the Internet via cloud computing. Virtually any device can receive services through cloud hosting, such as laptops, desktops, smart phones, servers, and more. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a service (PaaS) are the three models that comprise cloud computing.

Cost & Provisioning
There are a few characteristics that are typical of cloud services, and also play a large role in why so many users implement cloud hosting. One trait of cloud hosting is pay-per-use, which ensures that users are never overcharged for unused services. Many providers claim their services are cloud services, yet they're delivered on a fixed-term rather than on-demand. Another component of cloud hosting is provider monitoring and provisioning. This helps to remove the hassle of self-managing hardware, which can become more tedious with website and company growth. Updates to available services also lessen the need to regularly purchase new software.

Service Customization
Scalability is also an integral trait in cloud computing, and gives users the ability to fully manage the pool of resources they're given access to. Hosting providers that don't allow users to manage their own services and pick and choose which resources they need, are not delivering "cloud" hosting.  JaguarPC offers hosting options sure to satisfy any user, company or e-commerce website owner.


Security is more important than ever for your website. When you consider that major retailers are susceptible to hacks and attacks it may make you more aware of the need to Website Security Tipstidy up your own security settings, procedures and protocols. A few regular practices should be at the top of your list in order to protect yourself, your data and the integrity of your website.

Malware is malicious beyond belief and often embeds itself so deeply into your computer that the only way to eradicate it is to scrub your data and perform a full system restore. One of the best practices you can employ is to keep your scripts and platform versions up to date. This is especially true for many popular blogging platforms. If you see a new version it may include some new bells and whistles or control panel changes but overall new version updates include security and script updates that are designed to enhance your protection levels.

Make your passwords random long and mix it up with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. There are many programs which can store your passwords in a highly secure environment. You might think it is a hassle but the bigger irritation is a hack which can destroy data, hijack your site for entirely for malicious purposes as well as take private information which can be used against you for identify theft along with other sinister purposes.

Script Updates
Update your scripts on a regular basis. Scripts that are out of date can leave you wide open to attacks. Outdated scripts can also be used as back doors to access your information and sites. Malware is notorious for finding holes and vulnerabilities in outdated scripts. When you keep your scripts updated on a regular basis you are taking another big step towards  protecting your site and improving your security.

Use Secure Networks
If you are on a public wi-fi then it would not be a good idea to change your passwords at that time. You can open yourself up to a high level of insecure exposure when engaging in activities that should only be performed in a secure environment. If you are not on a secure network then take into account what activities you should and should not perform in these types of environments.

A few regular maintenance and update tasks can go a long way in protecting the future of your data, identify and time. Lost time is lost money and an attack via outdated scripts, low strength passwords, or simple negligence when using a public and unprotected internet connection are not risks you want to take. Enable a strong security plan for your website in the future and  you can rest assured your site is well protected.


HTTP status codes are sent by web servers whenever a human internet browser or a search engine spider tries to view your website.  Most of the time, a human user logging onto yourhttp status codes explained website wouldn’t see a HTTP status code so long as everything is okay, although there are some common codes that many internet users will likely be familiar with.
We’ll mention these as we go through this post, but for a good understanding it is better to go through what each type of status code is, and when it will typically be utilized.

Provisional Responses: 100's
There are only two provisional responses, both of which require the user or the search spider to take action to continue.  The two responses are 100, which is continue, and 101, which informs the user of a switch in protocols.

Successful: 200's
When a server sends this status code they are saying that a request has been successful.  The most common success status code is 200, which means you’ve got the page and information you requested 100% successfully, although there are other status codes that mean a request has been successful but not fully met.  For example, a request might be successful but not return any content, or the request might be successful after information has been sourced from another location.

Redirected: 300's
A 3xx code means that the server needs to take further action to fulfill the request. Most 3xx codes involving redirection to another page or website.  Using redirects and 3xx requests correctly is important if you are redesigning your website and have new URL structures and sections.  If you don’t use them, users would find blank pages and receive the types of error we’re going to look at next.

Request Error: 400's
This is the type of error that a human internet user will most commonly see.  The two errors likely to be encountered are the 403 error, which means you are not authorized to view a page, and a 404 error, which means the server couldn’t find the page.  404 errors can occur for a number of reasons, typically because a 301 redirect request hasn’t been used or because of a typography error in the request.  Some websites will identify their most commonly landed on 404 pages and set up 301 redirects as a result.

Server Errors: 500's
Server errors are exactly what they say they are, meaning there was no problem with the request itself.  Server errors can happen for a number of reasons, and from a hosting providers perspective they are something you should be looking to eradicate as much as possible, or else you could quickly find yourself losing traffic and customers.




How Does Reseller Web Hosting Work?

By Sabrina Jan 03, 2014 3:32 pm

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="614"] Reseller Web Hosting Made Easy[/caption]


Hosting your webpage on a server located in another geographical location is beneficial for some and problematic for others, depending on their needs. Overseas hosting is often Server Location Importance inexpensive, and allows webpage owners to target a specific visitor base more completely. However, it's important to measure the quality of the technical support and customer service you'll receive before signing up for hosting. In many cases, inexpensive hosting overseas can often lead to unneeded hassles if a website owner doesn't consider important factors beforehand.

Loading Times
If you’re looking to switch hosting providers, it's important to keep the location of the majority of your visitors in mind. For example, if most of the hits to your website are made by visitors in the United States, choosing a server outside of the country will likely cause slow loading times. Loading time is essential to the success of a webpage, especially if the owner is relying on said success to promote their online store or business. Servers that are located a significant distance away from your target visitor base will likely make loading and viewing your site a challenge for them.

Solidifying a Customer Base
Server location can also boost SEO, or search engine optimization. Even if a business has little to no connection to the country their server is located in, Internet users in that country will be able to view their site on search engine result pages. For example, if many of your customers and viewers are located in a certain country, and you obtain hosting from said country, users in that geographical location will be able to find your site more easily through key wording and other beneficial SEO factors.

The Support You Need
Hosting a website via a data center that's located outside of the country is typically highly affordable; however, it can be especially bothersome when technical support is needed. If you’re an American online business owner who plans on hosting your site in a non-English speaking country, it can be challenging to get the support you need should a problem arise.

JaguarPC delivers migration assistance, domain transfer, 100% uptime services, and more. We offer convenient customer support, available all day, every day.


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